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if you are interested in art therapy, natural therapy, painting, autogenic training relaxation, my paintings or if you have an idea on how to cooperate. I welcome a cooperation with other specialists. 

I sell my paintings or rent them. The colour you see on the photo can vary from the original painting.

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Phone: +420 605 250 272 (I use Whats app)

Instagram: ZuZa.artista

Facebook: ZuZa_arteterapie

Languages spoken: CZE, GER, EN, ESP, FR.

  • Mluvím plynně česky, je to můj mateřský jazyk.
  • Ich spreche fließend Deutsch.
  • I can speak English. We can communicate in English.
  • Hablo español. Podemos comunicarnos en español. Algunas veces me faltan las palabras pero comprendo.
  • Je parle un peu français, mon vocabulaire est limité. Je ne suis pas très sûr de ma prononciation.

Art Therapy "en plein air"

Spontaneous art therapy in Provence on a February sunny day.


What will you experience in my lessons?

Art therapy helps to eliminate stress and gain joy in life. It can help in dealing with psychosomatic problems, depression, burnout syndrome, etc. It is also suitable as a preventive activity. It also helps to develop of creativity and imagination. 

If you have psychical difficulties, you can add art therapy to your psychotherapy. I can cooperate with your psychologist, psychiatrist. If you do not have any difficulties but want to relax trough art, you will experience a new way on how to express feelings and emotions artistically. I do art therapy based on art expression. 

Courses/workshops in English in Prague

For information about forthcoming workshops in Prague, including advance booking, please sign up here:

1. Regular art therapy course at Prague 9 (2 - 2,5 hours/weekly or twice a month). Expressive art therapy, relaxations and imagination are part of the course. One course of 8 - 10 lessons

2. Painting course.

2. Saturday or Sunday art therapy workshop. One day full of relaxing by doing expressive art, feeling and expressing emotions, having guided relaxations and imagination. This workshop will be led in English and both Czech an English speaking people are welcome

  • Children with adults are welcome
  • Opening of the course with a minimum amount of 4 and max of 12 persons.
  • At Prague 9, Schoellerova 31/58 from September 2022.

Natural Therapy

What is Natural Therapy?

Nature therapy is a therapy by and within nature. It is focused on working with our feelings, personal development, counselling and coaching, mindfulness, relaxation, meditation and much more. Nature therapy is not psychotherapy, although nature therapy techniques are aimed at relieving the pain of the soul and returning us to our natural balance. We learn to feel our bodies, emotions, be in balance with the nature and our feelings, and develop our intuition. We relax our mind and body through guided meditations. We also work creatively with natural materials found in our natural surroundings. We can use natural materials to create art works that we leave in the place. We can use natural objects as a symbol for something we are experiencing. Nature therapy includes talking and counselling, coaching in nature. It can be conducted, for example, during a walk in the park. Based on what I learn from you, I create a tailor-made nature therapy experience for you. Nature therapy also works with the development of your mindfulness. We try to slow down, to think less but perceive more. Together with the therapist and the therapy techniques used, nature is an integral part of the process and the action. We tune our mind and senses. We feel joy again and are creative. Perhaps we return to our childhood where nature was our playground?

Autogenic Training

What can autogenic training help you with?

Autogenic training is used for for self-relaxation. It can also help you to fall better asleep. You will learn how to create a relaxed state of your body and mind and then how to take a journey into fantasy. You will need at least 8 sessions of 30 - 40 min to learn the whole process. However, already after the first few sessions you will feel relief and you will know how to help you out in stress and difficulties. The autogenic training lessons can be combined with relaxing art therapy painting.

The method was developed by the Berlin neurologist and psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz.


Price varies by country and corresponds to the local common price. 

Individual discounts possible.