Painting with a painter

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Lessons for painters with experience led by Ogle Yamni an academic painter. The lessons are tought in Czech language, but Ogle speaks a little bit English and there are other course attendants speaking English or Spanish and Czech.

In this course, you can improve your painting technique in oil, acrylic or other style of painting, even though Ogle loves mostly oil painting and can teach you how to profound your oil painting techniques in ways you did not think of.

Each painter in the course paints his own piece of work and Ogle gives him advice on how to make it better, or how to start and continue. The topics such as composition of the picture or 3D effect, perspective, theory of the colours are part of what can be taught or other topics which arise from the necessities of the attendance, even thought the course is meant for advanced painters.

Bring your own painting material and the motive for your painting. A suitable motive for the first painting is a landscape but it can be a different one too. You can also start with a painting you already started at home and continue under a leading by Ogle.

The course take place in a small group of 3 - 10 people. For participants of the course is also possible to arrange private consultations with the painter.

Teacher: Ogle Yamni

Date: Thursdays 17:45 - 20:15

Attendance: 1 lesson 2,5 hours or subscription of at least 5 lessons with attendance each week. Your reservation in advance is necessary.

Price: 500 Kč a single lesson, 460 Kč/lesson with subscription of 5 lessons.

500.00 Kč
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