Guitar Workshop: Contemporary Styles and Genres

Guitar Workshop: Contemporary Styles and Genres - Level 1

/ Kytarový workshop: současné styly a žánry - úroveň 1

Learn to execute the most important styles of Contemporary Popular Music (Funk, Blues, Rock, Pop, R&B, Fusion and Latin) and to create mechanisms that allow you to develop in a self-sustaining way in your environment.

Naučte se nejdůležitější současné styly populární hudby: Funk, Blues, Rock, Pop, R&B, Fusion and Latin. Workshop bude veden angličtině, možnost překladu zajištěna.

Academic Description
Practical and theoretical application of the most important styles of Contemporary Popular Music such as funk, blues, rock, pop, fusion, R&B, folk, bossa-nova, samba and are montuno. Development of accompaniment and interpretation techniques characteristic of each style. Theoretical analysis of the scale-chord relationship, conventional harmony, voicings and incorporation of different improvisation techniques to build a single one within each style. Study of fingering techniques to acquire cleanliness and fluidity on the guitar fingerboard.

Workshop Objectives

  • This activity will initially provide the necessary tools to develop yourself as part of the rhythm section within an ensemble.
  • Improve your technique and develop your own style under the supervision of an instructor who will guide you in your learning process.
  • Learn to use theory and harmony in a practical way to build new chords and accompaniment forms for each musical style.
  • Know the distinctive characteristics and vocabulary of each style to develop a single.
  • Learn new execution techniques under a structured methodology designed to obtain better results.
  • This workshop is designed so that as a guitarist you expand your panorama as a performer and contemporary musician.
  • Develop the musical performance collectively among the participants based on melodic chords and interactions, demonstrating social - artistic integration, and stimulating auditory training as a soloist or accompanying guitarist.

Academic Requirements

At least one year of experience with the instrument, the ability to play basic scales and chords, and have elementary knowledge of musical notation.

Date and time: spring 2020 according to agreement.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 400 Kč

Place: ART MUNDO, Jungmannova 17, Prague 1

With: Alfredo Dubal Rivera

Languages: Alfredo speaks English, Spanish and Italian. Zuzana speaks English, German, Spanish and Czech. And the music is international :-)

Accompanied by: Zuzana Zachová - organisation and translation to Czech /  / Spolu se Zuzanou Zachovou, která zajistí organizaci a komunikaci v ČJ.


See more about Alfredo:

Alfredo is a great musician, coming from Venezuela, living in Italy and currently moving to Prague. We are happy to introduce you new workshops with him.

Alfredo plays greatly guitar, violin and is experienced in leading orchestras as well as school and children music groups.

He also shows his skills as a multi - instrumentalist, playing the violin, guitar, venezuelan cuatro, piano, latin percussion, thus complementing the vocal and interpretive versatility with absolute harmonic criteria.


400,00 Kč
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