Experience the music

Experience the music is a workshop for a group of students, who want to experience music with a professional musician. Students can sing, use hands or musical instruments provided by the school.

Date: according to agreement

Time: 2 hours

Price: 2000 Kč for a group of students (max 10)

Instruments: Instruments are not provided by ART MUNDO. Students can bring their own instruments or instruments owned by the school can be used, if the school can provide them.

Place: at the schools land or in ART MUNDO

With: Alfredo Dubal Rivera

Alfredo is an Orchestral trainer and musician. See: https://youtu.be/XCs5k4PQogY

Languages: Alfredo speaks English, Spanish and Italian. 


See more about Alfredo:

Alfredo is a great musician, coming from Venezuela, living in Italy and currently moving to Prague. We are happy to introduce you new workshops with him.

Alfredo plays greatly guitar, violin and is experienced in leading orchestras as well as school and children music groups.

He also shows his skills as a multi - instrumentalist, playing the violin, guitar, venezuelan cuatro, piano, latin percussion, thus complementing the vocal and interpretive versatility with absolute harmonic criteria.



Improvisation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp4uwC1Z6BA

2 000,00 Kč
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