ART MUNDO Art Therapy Day - spring 2020 - come to try music therapy, voice therapy and art therapy in one day.

We have prepared a number of interesting workshops for you. From experimental printing techniques and linocut, through painting and modeling by play, creation of a small notebook / travel diary, to music therapy or guitar workshop.

You can also order a workshop only for your group. You can choose from a gallery tour with a creative workshop, to modeling and ceramics workshops, art therapy. These workshops can be ordered e.g. for teambuilding, celebration or for a school group.


Holistic music therapy (workshop led in Czech language)

In holistic music therapy we use frame (shamanic) drums made in music therapy quality in the Czech Republic, percussion instruments from all over the world. You will hear other instruments - for example, an oral harp, a Tibetan dish, a jembe drum, a gong, a tinker and of course a voice. The instruments are in natural tuning. Therefore, everyone can play together and do not have to do anything.

Linocut, experimental printing techniques, notebook binding (workshop led in Czech language)

Lecturer Marta Červáková at her workshops will introduce you to graphic techniques from simple terry through material printing to linocut. She has prepared for you two consecutive short courses, which you can visit separately. And Saturday's workshop on creating a diary, notebook or travel diary.

Painting and modeling game

A course using art therapy techniques to create a new painting experience, complemented by modeling. To develop creativity, remove the barriers to artistic expression, to gain the joy of one's own creation and to discover the inner playful and creative child.


    Plánujete netradiční oslavu nebo setkání s přáteli? Chce přijít na teambuilding? Plánujete školní výlet do Prahy nebo chtete objednat keramický nebo arterapeutický workshop pro školní skupinu? Podívejte se na workshopy, které jsou na objednávku pro celou skupinu:


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