Music Therapy

In holistic music therapy we use frame (shamanic) drums made in music therapy quality in the Czech Republic, percussion instruments from all over the world. You will hear other instruments - for example, an oral harp, a Tibetan dish, a jembe drum, a gong, a tinker and of course a voice. The instruments are in natural tuning. Therefore, everyone can play together and do not have to do anything.

Voice therapy - Singing therapy

Singing is breathtaking. Breath reflects the physical and mental state, breath connects body and soul. If the breath, respectively. exhalation free, natural, and singing is good. Few are so relaxed and unhindered that singing effortlessly by themselves. Various barriers that we do not know where they came from, hold back the exhalation and cause the voice to be pushed and the singing not going as we wish. Voice therapy can help us to eliminate inner tensions and blocks, just as we can develop our natural voice in singing and speaking. We will experience for ourselves that this is a liberating process, not only because it is sung, but because it is involuntarily breathed better.

Music Theraphy Lessons

Muzikoterapie hudebními nástroji

pátek 1.11. - 20.12.

17:00 - 18:30

Individuální terapie zpěvem

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Muzikoterapeutické workshopy

o vybraných sobotách

Skupinová terapie zpěvem

o vybraných sobotách

Aktuální kurz a workshopy

    Music therapy courses are planned for small groups of up to 12 people. Parents or grandparents can take their child with them. There is a 25% discount for children.

    Music therapy courses are intended for the general public.

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