In her workshops, lecturer Marta Červáková will introduce you to graphic techniques from simple terry cloth to material printing to linocut. She prepared for you two consecutive courses, which you can visit separately. Linocut and experimental printing techniques. In addition, the Saturday workshop prepared a notebook binding. 

    At the workshop entitled EXPERIMENTAL PRINTING TECHNIQUES we will prepare a matrix from which a unique impression will be created. Maybe we will go back to the childhood and create frosted prints of various subjects (it is welcome to bring to the course various materials with an interesting structure). This course is suitable not only for those who want to just look into the world of the press, but also for experienced artists who can experiment by finding new sources of inspiration for their work. The theme of the course will be landscape, it depends on you whether the outside, perhaps your favorite region or your inner one. The output will be various material tests and landscape monotype.

    The follow-up course LINORYT will be focused on the technique of printing from a height that is based on the tradition of woodcut and wood engraving. Instead of wood, our lino matrix will be suitable for this purpose. We will work with diggers to engrave our own theme in the liner. We will print by hand, without special tools, so that you can create additional prints at home from the master you take after the course. The format can be postcards or greeting cards that you can give to your loved ones on a special occasion.

    We will not make a complicated binding at the NOTEBOOK / TRAVEL JOURNAL workshop, but we will make nice folders with pockets. The notebooks will be covered with bookbinding cloth or paper (you can decorate it in your own way). We sew them with exercise books, which are inserted into the boards and can be changed after filling. This creates a variable notebook, for example, on memories of travel. During the workshop you will learn the basic bookbinding tools, materials and paper properties.


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