Choose from drawing and painting courses with the right hemisphere with Katerina Bohac, 3D drawing with Ivanna Kochmar, or a drawing course for kids.

Art lessons develop creativity and basic and advanced art techniques. We think that every person has the opportunity to develop their artistic abilities. In our courses we guide and support you to find the artist you have in you.

All courses take place in a small group (4-10 persons) in the Art Mundo - Latin Art Gallery. We have prepared everything you need to develop your creativity. We invite you to visit or take a demonstration lesson.

Lessons details

Drawing and Painting on the Right Side of the Brain

Weekend course Drawing and Painting on the Right side of the Brain is a unique course, where you can develop your abilities to paint and draw during one weekend. The lector is using special techniques which will help you to start seeing things differently and thus you will get better in drawing and painting with a little praxis. You will learn to draw, you will try drawing with a graphite, you will paint with ink, aquarelle and acrylic paintings.  This course is recommended for adults who want to develop the full capability of the brain. Usually, we use the left side of the brain which organises, counts and makes all rational functions. The right side of the brain is responsible for creativity, everything irrational, it is the holistic hemisphere which is intuitive, thinks in images, symbols, senses, and emotions. It has the imaginative, fantastic, spatial and perception capacity. Through the image, we can help our brain to develop its whole capacity. Course length: 2 days - 16 hours. Each day from 9:30 to 18:30 including one hour lunch break. Teacher: Katerina Bohac Linares. The teacher speaks English, Czech and Spanish. Price: 1999 Kč. Available coffee and tea. Material included in the course price. Capacity  of each term is min. 4 and up to 8 participants.

1,999.00 Kč 2,520.00 Kč

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