Latin Art Gallery

Exclusive and exceptional art works not only from Latin America

Latin Art Gallery was founded in Czech Republic in Prague by Kateřina Bohač Linares, a Czech-Venezuelan artist. The aim of the gallery is promoting the best of Latin American and international art in the Central Europe. The Latin Art Gallery exhibits contemporary art, including paintings, photographs, graphics, sculptures, installations and video art.

The quality and prestige of the works represented by the Latin Art Gallery derive from its commitment to exhibiting artists 100% committed to their work, personalities willing to evolve. That is why, when you buy one of our original works, you will not only invest in the contemporary international art market, but will also help our artists continue their work and artistic growth.

Over the last 7 years we have presented over 40 individual and group exhibitions, more than 80 cultural events, including book launches, reading poetry, wine tasting and gastronomy, concerts, theater performances for children and adults. In addition, we offer a range of art workshops and creative workshops in our premises. All events that we realize, aim to enrich the cultural dialogue between the Czech Republic and international communities.

Latin Art Gallery is a cultural space recognized in the Czech Republic, with a vision of expanding into European and international markets, thanks to its team: Arch Gallery Manager. Sujana Villafañe Boháč, historian and art critic prof. PhDr. Ivo Barteček, CSc, art consultant Mr. Hector Castillo, translator and promoter on the Czech market PhDr. Alena Mrazová and project manager Ing. Zuzana Zachová, MAS.