Alfredo Dubal Rivera

Dubal Alfredo Rivera / AL RIVERA @alriveraofficial Musician, singer, venezuelan producer, has developed valuable experience in the field of production, interpretation and musical direction.

As a composer, arranger, musician and singer he has developed in various musical formats: symphonic, choral, Latin orchestras, music for radio & tv, ensembles, big band. Managing different genres and styles; Latin commercial music, Latinjazz, pop, pop - rock, ballads, funky, gaita zuliana, venezuelan folk music, bossa, boleros, full, rumba, tropical and brazilian rhythms, universal classical music, with a high level of performance and versatility.

He also shows his skills as a multi - instrumentalist, playing the violin, guitar, venezuelan cuatro, piano, latin percussion, thus complementing the vocal and interpretive versatility with absolute harmonic criteria.

As a musician he has done television projects as a host and has performed in experienced in Rome, Florence, Milan, Torino, Napoli, Sorrento,Positano, Benevento, Bologna, Padua, Sardegna, collaborating in turn with the Vatican Vicariate Choir, Florence University, Capella Musicale Romana , Ravello Festival, Roman Theater in Fiesole, Argentine Theater, Auditorium of Santa Cecilia in the Music Park of Rome.